Couple of Updates and Announcements

First a Site Update…
I’ve added a couple new features,
These days, a lot more people are using SmartPhones, so I installed a few different functions that lets us and others view the site more efficiently over their phones.

On Monday, February 28th, We are being visited at the Lodge by Some Scottish Rite Representatives to let us know whats new.


On Monday March 14th, we will be Initiating Mr. K.Hilton into our lodge, and conferring the EA degree upon him. It would be nice to have as many of the Brethren in Attendance as Possible to Welcome our newest member.
There will be Snack served at 6pm.
All Brethren are Welcome.

Again, I ask that everyone partakes in the massive amount of resources we know have available via the internet and keep in touch with one another.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestion, PLEASE feel free to use the contact us on the site, or email us and let us know.

Bro. Kevin LeQue

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