From the Beginning “Updated”

On April 15, 1892 a petition was sent to M. M. Littlejohn, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin for a dispensation to form and open a Masonic Lodge. The following Brethren living in this area signed the petition; Dr. Chas Hebard, Frank Brown, Gaudeng Luetscher, W. W. Wyman, Weston Haycock, Jackson Hafer, Daniel Hadley, George Brown, and Daniel Gilman.

The first recorded meeting under dispensation was held on May 14, 1892 with Bro. John Bush of Alma as Master, and Bro. George Tarrand of Durand as acting Senior Warden. At the next meeting, May 28, 1892, a set of bylaws were adopted, annual dues fixed at $3.00, and other routine business transacted. On June 15, 1892 the Grand lodge granted a charter empowering the signers of the petition to constitute, open, and organize a Lodge. The Lodge was duly consecrated on July 8, 1892. The following officers were installed; Dr. Chas. Hebard, W.M., Frank Brown, S.W., Gaudeng Luetscher, J.W., W. W. Wyman, Treas., Weston Haycock, Sec’y., Jack Hafer, S.D., Dan Hadley, J.D., and Dan Gilman, Tyler.

The first four years the Lodge met in a room over the First National Bank. When J. W. Whelan built his new block across the street in 1896 the Lodge leased the upper floor and furnished it. The original furniture used was sold to Stanley Lodge #273. New furniture was beautifully hand-made by Bro. Thomas Dillon and is still used in our Lodge today.

At a regular meeting of Mondovi Lodge #252 held on Sept. 22, 1953 the following motion was made, seconded

and passed; Resolved, that a building committee consisting of Dr. Roy Lee, H. F. Rockwell, Duttee Seyforth, Dr. John Lee, Ronald Johnston, and Wesley Holden be empowered to locate and purchase a building site suitable to build a Masonic Temple. On Sept. 23, 1953 Bro. Roy Lee purchased a lot on South Franklin. On Sept. 28, 1954 the Mondovi Lodge voted to give the committee power to build a Temple.

The first meeting in the yet unfinished Temple was held June 27, 1955. On October 1, 1955 members of the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin came to the laying of the Corner Stone of the new building. Grand Lodge Officers came again on June 1, 1956 to officially dedicate the Temple. Bro. Milton LaDuke was the first Master Mason raised in the new Temple on March 26, 1956. Since that time all Lodge and O.E.S. meetings have been held in this building.

On April 6, 1896 the Lebanon Chapter No. 89 O.E.S was organized under dispensation and on Feb. 17, 1897 they received their Charter. The Chapter functioned until June, 1985 when it surrendered it Charter.

Since 1983 Mondovi Lodge #252 and the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation have given fourteen scholarship grants to High School seniors for further educational purposes. The future of our Country is in the hands of our youth.

Since our beginning there have been approximately 70 Masters, 20 Secretaries, and 500 members united in Brotherhood in this Lodge.

Re-typed and Submitted by Bro. Brian Trowbridge Feb 10th 2014

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