Visit to Farmington Corinthians Lodge #67 Oct. 19th 2010

On Tuesday October 19th 2010, Myself, Bro. Kevin LeQue, along with my good friend Bro. Clint More of Winona Lodge#18, traveled up to Farmington Corinthians Lodge #67 for a Table Lodge Meeting and Triple EA Degree.

Neither Bro. Clint or Myself have ever been to a Table Lodge, and we had no idea what to expect.  It was quite a surprise, and a true experience thats is for sure.  The Toasting, and Ritual that went along with it were very interesting.

The Degree work was interesting, how different lodges handle multiple degree work is always a learning experience.  The Lectures were and always are interesting, and you pick up on a little something each time to learn from that you may have missed the previous times.

The Attendance was pretty good, with visitors from at least 5 outside lodges and 2 members from the Grand Lodge of Minnesota, consisting of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge Tiler, and the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Minnesota. This was my second  time being in the presence of the Minnesota Grand Master. And I will see him again at the Winona Lodge Next month.
Guess I’m just lucky like that.

Well, it was a long day, and even longer night with a long drive home, but it was well worth it.  I truly enjoy visiting other lodges,  Meeting Fellow Fraternity Members, Listening to some of their stories, and once again, the overwhelming sense of Welcome and Brotherly Love.

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