How Can You Join Freemasonry?

In order to join the fraternity of Freemasonry, you must ask a member how you may join. This is done to ensure that you come into Freemasonry of your own free will; without expectation of material gain. You get out of Freemasonry only what you are willing to put into it.

If the Freemason you ask believes you will be a positive addition to the fraternity, he will give you a petition for membership in his local or Blue Lodge. All men have to go through the same initiation procedure, regardless of their worldly wealth or position.

In a Masonic Lodge, the President of the United States would be considered equal to the newest member. When Washington, Truman, or the Roosevelts sat in Lodge, they were addressed as Brother. Everyone is “on the level” and is judged by how he lives in the community and upholds the tenets of the Fraternity. As long as he is “on the square” with his brethren, he will be well regarded.

Your petition will be read in open Lodge and a Committee of Investigation formed. This Committee will visit you and talk with your family. The Committee will give a report in open Lodge and the membership votes by secret ballot. A successful ballot means you will have been elected to membership by initiation.

The three degrees you will then receive teach serious moral and ethical lessons. When you complete your third or Master Mason Degree, you will be a full-fledged member. As a Master Mason, you have many rights and privileges, including visitation privileges to sit in Masonic Lodges throughout the world.

Masonry is a family organization, and Lodge activities frequently include the families. There are also other related organizations for specific members of the family, such as youth. Our youth groups are the Order of DeMolay for boys and Job’s Daughters and the Order of the Rainbow for girls. For the ladies there are the Order of Eastern Star, White Shrine, and the Amaranth. Each group or order has its particular charity that it works to support.

If YOU believe what you have just read is for you, then it is up to you to take the next step. Remember, you must ask for a Petition for Membership if you want to become a Freemason. The extent of your participation in your Lodge activities will determine your effectiveness.

We look forward to greeting you as a Brother Freemason.

Joining a Masonic Lodge and becoming a Master Mason

Joining a Masonic Lodge is an opportunity for qualified men to become members of the world’s oldest, largest, and best known fraternal organization. The process of becoming a member is divided into stages marked by three separate ceremonies, the symbolism of which is intended to strengthen a man’s commitment to his Faith, his family, and his community.

Master Masons are men from a variety of ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds who share a belief in the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God, work to improve themselves and their communities, and are an asset to all who know them. Membership in a Masonic Lodge is an honor that says a great deal about the character and personal integrity of a man.

Men like George Washington, William McKinley, Dave Thomas, and Michael Richards (Kramer from Seinfeld) have all been Masons. Perhaps someone you’ve known and admired was a Mason. Maybe even your father or grandfather.

Qualifications for Membership

Application for membership is open to men who:

* Have been a Wisconsin resident for at least one year
* Are at least 18 years old
* Have a belief in a Supreme Being
* Live a good moral and social life
* Do not advocate the overthrow of the government
* Are recommended by two members of the Lodge they wish to join. (If you do not know two members of
a Lodge, the secretary of the Lodge to which you are applying can arrange a meeting with two members
of the Lodge for you.)

The application fee is generally between $100 and $250, and a Lodge’s annual dues are between $35 and $125.

If you wish, you can download a petition and fill it out. Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® software is required.

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