Fund Raising MeatBall Annual Dinner

October 22nd at the Eleva-Strum High School, from 4:30pm – 7:00pm
We will be having our Annual, All you can Eat MeatBall Dinner.

This is one of two Scholarship Dinners that the Lodge puts on each year.
Our lodge gives out a $1000 Scholarship each year to a graduating senior to all seven High Schools in our lodge area.
That is right a total of $7000 is given away every year for Scholarships for our future leaders.

We greatly Appreciate any and all participation in helping us to accomplish this
goal year after year.

Tickets are being sold by Members of the Lodge, and you can also pay at the door.

If you have a student who will be graduating in the future from one of the 7 high schools,
Please check our lodges website for more information, or talk to your school’s Counselors about getting an application and informations.

IF you can’t make it to the dinner, and still want to contribute to the scholarship fund,
Please get in contact with our lodge’s Secretary Larry Drangsveit by using the Contact link on our website. “Click Here

Thank You!


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Busy Month of March, 2012

We’ve had a Busy Month this March.
Congratulations to Derek Hageness for being Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason, March 12th 2012.
What a Great Night, Every seat in the Lodge was filled. Derek is Son of  Past Master Jon Hageness, and Grand Son to PM Ill. Gary Hageness 33rd SR.
What a Great Pleasure, and Touching event that none of us will ever forget.




Also, we welcome our newest Brother Duane Sokolosky, who was initiated as an Entered Apprentice last night Mar 26th, at our Lodge in Mondovi, Wisconsin.

Thanks to all who came out, and thanks to WM John Accola for the Wonderful Meal.
It was a great evening of Fellowship and Ritual.



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Annual College Scholarships

 Buffalo River Lodge #252 of Mondovi Wisconsin is once again offering it’s College Scholarship Program.
There is a link at the top of the site where you can download the PDF file with all the information regarding which schools these are being offered to, and the qualifications needed to apply.
The Deadline on getting these turned in is April 1st.

Best of luck to all applicants.

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Congratulations to our New FC

Last Night was a great evening.

Our Newest Fraternal Brother, Derek Hageness, Completed his Fellow Craft Degree.

I’m sure his Father and GrandFather are very proud of him,
and it was great having 3 generations of Masons in Lodge at once.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and participated in the Degree…
Even though the Packers were playing lastnight as well. (GO PACK)



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Nov. 14th FC Degree for Bro. Derek Hageness

 Fraternal Brothers, Tonight we will be holding a Fellow Craft Degree for Bro Derek Hageness, Son of John Hageness, and Grandson of Gary Hageness.

We’ll be opening in the MM at 6:30 for business, then by 7 we should be posting.
The more the merrier. There will be Desert afterwards.


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Congratulations are in order for a couple of Local Brothers who are now District Deputies,

Gary Stang, Previously Area Administrator for District 2 is now the District Deputy for District #2.
Congratulations Brother Gary, we know you will do a great job.


James Kent, Has become the District Deputy for District #5.
Congratulations Brother James. District #5 is lucky to have you, and we know you’ll do an excellent jobs.

Knowing both of these fine, hard working, and respectful Brothers personally, I consider myself Lucky.

Again, Congratulations to you both!

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Local Area Scholarships

Seniors/Parents of Seniors in the Mondovi, Eleva-Strum, Osseo-Fairchild, Augusta, Alma Area, Gilmanton, Cochrane-Fountain City Schools.

The Buffalo River Masonic Lodge does College Scholarships for one student in each of those schools. Please Contact your counselors about them. Or visit our websites “Scholarships” link for the application and Details.

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50 year and 25 year Members Dinner March 28th

From the Office of the Secretary/Treasurer
Larry Drangstveit
W26277 Drangstveit Lane
Eleva WI 54738
All Brothers and Wives, Widows and Friends of Lodge 252

Buffalo River Lodge will be having a 50 Year Award Banquet in combination with recognition of all Past Masters and 25 Year Members on March 28, 2011.

Our 50 Year Honorees are as follows: .
Duaine Semingson
Gerald Forsythe
Marvin Koser
Gordon Hintermeyer

Our 25 Year Members
Michael Peterson
Eric Johnson
John Kappen

All Past Masters from all merged Lodges are also invited to attend.

All Widows are invited to attend and the Lodge will pick up the cost of the Widows meal..

The Event will be held at Family Farms Banquet Hall in Eleva, WI just north of Highway 10 on Highway 93.

Hours of the Event will be 5:30 PM social hour with Wine or Beer served at the cash bar, with dinner to follow.

The Dinner includes stuffed chicken breasts, roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans,
salad greens with dressing, rolls, coffee and milk.

The cost of the meal will be $14.00 with tax and tip included.

Please send your Reservations to Larry Drangstveit lodge secretary along with your meal payment. Remember March 21st. is the deadline.

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A MASONS WIFE From active Mason’s, resolute, Our wives, our families we salute:
We surely know the price you pay.
Who sit alone while we’re away;
No high degrees on you conferred, In Lodge, your name is seldom heard;
You serve our cause though out of sight, While sitting home alone tonight;
Masonic paper…s list our names, Awards are given, fit to fame:
But yours as absent … you who strive, To keep our fortitude alive;
You’re part of every helpful deed:
Without your blessings, how could we, Continue acts of charity?
And sow, this poem, we dedicate, to every Master Mason’s mate:
And offer our undying love, Rewards await from Great Architect Above.
Michael Gillard, Illustrious Master · Noblesville, Indiana

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Feb. 14, 2011

Quick Update.

Bro. Jon Haganess Receiving his Past Master Certificate.

Monday the 14th’s Meeting was a long one, there was lots to discuss and dates and plans for this years activities, charities, and degree work.

Pictured above is Bro, Jon Receiving his Past Master Certificate from WM. James Trowbridge.

Congratulations and Thank you Bro PM Jon Haganess for a great year.

Next Meeting:
Feb. 28

EA Degree March 14th

Brethren, Please try to make it, it’s always nice to welcome a new member to the lodge with as many member possible that can attend.

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