Saturday’s SW JW Workshop

Saturday Oct, 16th 2010
Brothers James Trowbridge, John Accola, And Myself Kevin LeQue Attended the Senior Warden & Junior Warden Worksop at the Eau Claire Masonic Center.

Senior Warden & Junior Warden Workshop 10/16/10

Prior to the Workshop was a Benefit Waffle Breakfast put on by George B. Wheeler Lodge #351 which was great Very Tasty and a good breakfast before (and after) the Workshop.
The Workshop covered such topics as Planning ahead, Making Goals for your lodge, and a Masters Rights and Duties, along with a lot more ideas for making a lodge stronger, more successful, and Running smoother.
It was a good program, and I thank all involved for setting it up.
We met some great Brothers from the other Lodges, and everyone shared ideas, and things they did to help their Lodges stay active, and to keep everyone interested.
Being the Junior Brother at BuffaloRiver #252, I was still ver pleased to attend this workshop. I think it will help me help all others ahead of me, and Sideline Brethren make our Lodge a better place.
Ok, I’m ready….Lets Do This! 😉

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